Editable NDA Agreement Templates


An NDA is an essential contract for every small business owner. NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement.  It's a written agreement between two parties that are working together.  The agreement explains how confidential information should be handled and what the repercussions are if there is a violation to the agreement.  If you need to share confidential information with a person you are doing business with- you need this contract.


Neither Wheelhouse Legal nor Monetize Thyself shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred as a result of the breach by either party subject to this agreement, court decisions finding any portion herein unenforceable or inapplicable, or for any modifications to the original text of the document by yourself or any other parties after it has been delivered. The inclusion of the Wheelhouse Legal logo in the document, whether original or edited, shall not under any circumstances be inferred to constitute an implied or express warranty of fitness for a particular use. Questions regarding these products may be directed to info@wheelhouselegal.com

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