Official Small Biz Legal StartUp Template Package

Get Legaled Up! You're building a business- and want to do this right- and you don't have to figure it out on your own!


Having crystal clear credit is essential to your business and life! That's why The Hubbin created this easy to follow, proven strategy to to clear up your credit- and start fresh towards a debt free and cash positive life! His DIY Credit system has worked for hundreds of clients, and makes use of all the legal processes easily available to those living in the US and seeking a major jump in their credit!


Before starting my debt free business, I personally applied these systems to raise my score from 530 to 730 in just 11 months! Check out this process- and clean up your credit today!


These editable documents to protect your business, and monetize your life!  This work, when ordered directly retails for over $1,100! You can get it here for just $397!


NDA, IP Assignment, Vendor Agreement and more!

These editable documents to protect your business, and monetize your life! The Official Legal Package includes:

  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement: Use this document to protect your business conversations, ideas, and proprietary concept exposure. Everyone should have an NDA in their back pocket when handling business. This document is full editable and reusable.
  • IP Assignment: When working with vendors to create graphics, logos, copy and documents- get them to sign this to give you full rights to own and use the completed product- and prevent them from reselling it to others.
  • Sample Disclaimer: Get a close look at the disclaimer The Hubbin uses for his own website! This disclaimer makes . your offering clear, and prevents confusion and legal exposure from your clients and customers. 
  • Independent Contractor Agreement: Whether hiring a nanny, or graphic designer contracts are essential to make clear the offering, and protect yourself. Use this document to clearly outline expectations and protect yourself and business.
  • Sample Privacy Policy: A must on every business and brand website that collects email addresses and consumer details! Let your client know you take your business seriously, and will protect them at all costs. This document lays it out perfectly- and legally!


This startup package will make sure that you are 'legaled up' as you build and scale your business! Everyone needs a 'The Hubbin'- and now you have one too! Grab your Official Small Biz Legal Template StartUp package now!


Wheelhouse Legal® employs attorneys licensed in the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland. As such, advice and products provided by Wheelhouse Legal® are by nature limited to those jurisdictions and federal law, as well as general information about how common law typically works. Products may not be appropriately tailored to the needs of businesses in other jurisdictions, whether such should be in different states or countries. Prior to relying upon the contract templates or general advice of Wheelhouse Legal®, you are encouraged to speak with a local attorney and have him/her review your contracts.

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